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"Look, I can't even socialize with people normally anymore, the only way I can talk to people is through daily vlogs."
--Chip on KlitzerGames.

Chip Cheezum, or just Chip, is a Let's Player who's been tied in with Retsupurae for a great while, but is more widely known for doing Let's Plays. He is usually paired with General Ironicus, but has done some things solo or with other guests.


Chip has a separate channel for Retsupurae as opposed to his LP channel. He has also done some videos guesting with Slowbeef on the main Retsupurae channel, as well as a recurring guest on Retsutalk, where he has even had his own episode, along with Ironicus. His videos, unlike Retsupurae, are of more non-Let's Play videos. It has also been said that while RP finds bad LPs, Chip and Ironicus do more cringe-worthy videos.

Let's Play[]

Starting on Beyond Good and Evil back in 2007, Chip along with Ironicus have done many of both stand-alone games and series of games. Notable single games are Beyond Good and Evil, killer7, and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. Notable series done are the Uncharted series, the Metal Gear series, and the No More Heroes games.

Notable Facts[]

In the event of a national emergency, all pastry in the United States defaults to Chip's ownership. This took place during Hurricane Katrina, but the Bush Administration's poor logistics led to most of the pastries never reaching him.

Retsupurae List[]

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