"If I'm not gonna die, why waste the time."
--Cornshaq on life.

Cornshaq is one of RP's earliest victims. He is known for splicing together the segments where he talks, and editing the dead air out of his commentary. Because of this, it sounds like he never has to take a breath throughout his LP and will never stop talking.


He joined YouTube in 2008, and gained the attention of Retsupurae because of his reviews of NES games and his nasally voice which never took a breath. Retsupurae noted his nerdy persona, and imagined him trying to be gangsta with his Nintendo knowledge. But in contrast, he does not have much real life knowledge, and does not understand that Konami Ball is not a real sport like basketball. Cornshaq also holds quite a few speedrun records for NES and SNES games, which is pretty gangsta.