Earnest Evans, GOTY

Gameplay of Earnest whipping a sneezing Moai head.

Earnest Evans is an action-platforming game released on the Sega CD and Genesis. The CD version had cutscenes to explain the plot and came with a soundtrack CD, but otherwise was identical.


The first Earnest Evans learned of three dangerous idols back in the year 1930. He went in search of them, but was injured before he could make progress. Many years later, his grandson, Earnest Evans the Third, goes out on a quest for vengeance! and also the world-destroying idols. However, a rival treasure hunter, Brady Tresidder, is trying to get there before him. On his journey, Earnest gets help from his many friends, like a green-haired Peruvian maid named Annet Myer, and a guy named Zigfried who looks like a villain but randomly becomes your ally and also carries around the Necronomicon casually. Eventually, Al Capone comes in, the world almost blows up, and Annet throws away a bitcoin.


The game plays much like a mix between Indiana Jones and Castlevania, where you jump around dark caves or jungles or what have you with a whip, except with a revolutionary animation style where all of his sprite's body parts move separately to each other. There are also other weapons like stones and flails, and everything explodes regardless of method. There are also random insomnia potions, spinning platforms that catapult you hundreds of miles per hour, and the ability to swim indefinitely.

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