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"Hey, if you're gonna rip somebody off you gotta go for the best. That's why I steal your jokes Slowbeef."
--Ironicus on the Men's Room Monologue.

General Ironicus, or just Ironicus, is considered to be the sidekick and co-star of Chip Cheezum. He is known primarily for his recurring role as a villainous sock puppet on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He has done a little work solo, but is mostly seen with Chip.


Ironicus is often paired with Chip during LPs. HE has also guested on normal Retsupurae, and was even a handful of episodes of Retsutalk, with Diabetus for "Sidekick Chat" and with Chip in Et Tu, C2E2?. He has also worked on the RP-like series, Blip Theater and Anime Theater.

Let's PlayEdit

Starting on Beyond Good and Evil back in 2007, Ironicus has supported Chip on Let's Playing many different stand-alone games as well as series of games. Notable single games are Beyond Good and Evil, killer7, and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. Notable series done are the Uncharted series, the Metal Gear series, and the No More Heroes games.

Retsupurae ListEdit

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