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File:Adults React To PewDiePieFile:Average newgrounds review.pngFile:Basic Problem Solving with Tinkidink and The Lime Popsicle
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File:Billy1File:BillyMC's Christmas AdventureFile:BillyMC's Magical Journey Continues
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File:Forum new.gifFile:George Wood is still alive!File:He's come so far...
File:Here comes a new challenger!File:How to sell video games to things that aren't menFile:Huzzah!
File:Image.jpgFile:Lalert2.pngFile:Let's 'ave a carriage ride!
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File:Let's Watch Battletoads IIFile:Let's Watch Mega Man (Part 1 3)File:Let's Watch Mega Man (Part 2 3)
File:Let's Watch Mega Man (Part 3 3)File:Lime Popsicle 3.jpgFile:Local Paperboy's Neighborhood Calls it Quits!
File:Local Paperboy Calls It Quits!File:Mageknight.pngFile:Mq1.jpg
File:Mr. Miyagi, where did you get all these LPs?File:Mrs. Dawson.jpgFile:No Tyler, That's Retsupurae. (Monster in my Pocket by ActionBastard and Tyler)
File:Pg3.gifFile:Pinball Wizards' Growing PainsFile:Pokemon LP Evolved Into... ... Oh wow.
File:Quadraxis.jpgFile:RetsuHarvest the Paperboy - A Retsupurae AnimationFile:Retsucrunk
File:Retsupurae Let's Play This!File:Retsupurae Sean "Bikdip" Connery Playing Metroid for the NESFile:Rocknight.gif
File:Snatcher gun mouth sq.pngFile:So there's thatFile:Super Bummerman 2
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File:That's so Kaizo! Part 2 4File:That's so Kaizo! Part 3 4File:That's so Kaizo! Part 4 4
File:The LP Wars BeginFile:The Lime TragedyFile:The Lost Episode of The Billy Saga
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