"She'd be beautiful if her flesh wasn't decaying..."

--Mike Dawson, remarking on a Darkworld denizen.
Dawson alien wang

My head feels like it's going to explode!

Mike Dawson is the protagonist of both Dark Seed and it's sequel, Darkseed II. He is based off of the first game's designer and producer, sharing both his name and likeness. Said producer, oddly enough, was not involved with the second game.


The playable Mike Dawson is a boring man-child who can barely hold a ring, much less a stable relationship. In the first Darkseed, Mike somehow saves the world from exploding due to the alien embombryo in his brain and defeats the Ancients. In Darkseed 2, he then moves back to his old town of Crowley, Texas, where his "girlfriend" Rita was murdered, and he's the suspect. He discovers that the Ancients have returned, and he travels back and forth between the Dark World and a carnival to stop them. Knowing his innocence, he poses a simple question: "Did you kill Rita?"

Mike is well-known for his beige jacket, 80's porn stache, and his inability to do much of anything. His alter-egos include Action Dawson, where he poses heroically before a fall, and Jack, his Dark-World counterpart.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mike Dawson's powers vary over the course of Darkseed and Darkseed II. In the first game, Mike is able to complete his quest despite having strong headaches due to a fetus being implanted in his head. This suggests that Mike has a strong resistance to pain, or that he lacks the mental capabilities to experience pain as a severe, debilitating sensation. He also possesses some degree of upper body strength, as evidenced by the fact that he often climbs a rope to descend from upper levels of his house, forgoing the use of stairs in the process.

In Darkseed II, Mike's abilities have changed drastically. While he no longer consistently possesses any significant upper body strength, he is able to focus it into punches strong enough to knock individuals into comas, should he be threatened. In addition, Mike's shrill voice often functions as a deterrent to those who may attempt to socialize with him, and thus acts as a natural repellent to would-be friends. His "Action Dawson" mode, a form he attains when in moments of great duress, is capable of increasing his reflexes and endurance to the point where he can survive falls from 2 feet off the ground, only sustaining some damage in the process.