"I've never heard a jock try to do a Let's Play before."
--Diabetus on MuscleBomber.

MuscleBomber2021, or "Musclebummer", was one of the earlier people to get Retsupuraed. Along with BillyMC and ElectricalBeast, Musclebomber was stated to be one of their favorite people that Slowbeef and Diabetus have RPed.


Despite sounding loud and jocklike, he's actually a bit of a nerd, being knowledgeable about Bomberman and anime. He also pronounces words incorrectly, for example "Amy" for "enemy", "bum" for "bomb, and "fow" for "throw". Also he has a habit of insulting "amys" as "A Triple Fudgepacker." He also started LP with the help of a nerdy friend to capture the attention of a nerdy girl who is into LP: Amy.