MuscleBomber2021, or "MuscleBummer", is one of the earliest people to be RPed. His voice sounds more like a football player's than a let's player, and is also one of slowbeef and Diabetus's favorite LPers along with the likes of BillyMC and ElectricalBeast.


Th becomes F; om becomes um; ene/ine becomes a. For example, Bummerman, Mefanfetamys and "Frowing a Bum at an Amy."

Let's PlayEdit

Musclebomber was probably most known for his Let's Play of Super Bomberman 2 for the SNES. It is written that MuscleBomber got the help of a nerdy friend to get him into LP to impress a girl; Amy, who happened to like LP. The first episode of the series was the episode to be RPed. He shut down his youtube channel after the retsupurae, and is sadly inactive in current LP, yet kept a deviant art page.