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"Road runner cartoons. Road runner cartoons?"

--Steve, ending a conversation.

Steve Mason is the protagonist of Harvester, a point-and-click adventure game that follows his travels through the bizarre town of Harvest and beyond.


"You always were a kidder, Steve..."
--Literally anybody on Steve.

Steve, as portrayed by actor and programmer Kurt Kistler, is a young adult who awakens in the town of Harvest with amnesia. He appears slightly overweight, with pasty white skin, and has a significant amount of chest hair, which he frequently displays in-game.  He is highly curious about the town of Harvest and seeks to join its infamous cult, The Lodge.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Steve is a combat veteran who maintains expertise over various forms of weaponry, including baseball bats, shotguns, pistols, scythes, staple guns, and knives. While he can be overwhelmed by significant firepower, he also possesses a healing factor, dependant on the amount of food he consumes mid-fight. These perks have allowed him to defeat paper boys, monsters, janitors, kings, and clowns.

As an adventure-game protagonist, Steve also has the ability to maintain a significant inventory of random bullshit that he can use to solve puzzles. This includes the aforementioned weapons and food, but can also include items such as tampons and flagpoles.

In addition to his intellect and combat skills, Steve wears a flannel shirt that, when removed, exudes an erotic aura that few are able to resist. It has been noted that the combination of belly-flab and chest hair he possesses are likely his greatest asset, though he has not been seen to actively take advantage of this fact.