The Town with No Name was a game released for the Amiga CDTV, developed by Delta 4 Interactive and published by Sierra On-Line.


The Man With No Name enters The Town with No Name via The Town with A Train to start the Console with No Game. He meets many odd characters in town, like the bartender, the year-long hooker, Abraham Lincoln, and Death himself. Our protagonist also can defeat evil outlaws like Evil Eb, Wildcard McVee, and Nasty Ned. If you kill enough of his minions, Eb will plead forgiveness and eventually befriends you. You can also go back on the train and fly to outer space, but that isn't the proper ending.

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It should be of no surprise that this low-budget mess of a game was retsupuraed, under the title True Shit, a pun on True Grit. The two videos were released August 17-19 2011. They commented on how poorly done everything was, and it's weak attempt at humor, like non-sequiter and just plain dumb scenes that fill the playing time and usage of unrelated assests that don't really belong, like the Back to the Future font used to switch scenes.

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