Wrongpurae is a series where, not unlike normal Retsupurae, slowbeef and Diabetus riff over longplays. A longplay is the opposite of a speedrun; as much time is taken to show the entirety of the game, resulting in a long playthrough, hence long-play. Where a normal Let's Play commentator would take away from the game, longplays are done so they can specifically comment on a game's quirks, rather than making fun of the LPer. Examples of (W)rongpuraes include Darkseed II, some games in the King's Quest series, and Last Alert.

List of Rongpuraed gamesEdit

Darkseed Darkseed II Harvester Rise of the Dragon
Star Strike Crime Wave Apocalypse Altered Beast
King's Quest V King's Quest VI King's Quest VII I Have No Mouth and I must Scream
Metroid: Other M The Town with No Name Earnest Evans Deep Fear
It Came From the Desert Soldier Boyz Last Alert T.R.A.G / Hard Edge
Alone in the Dark Alone in the Dark 2 Alone in the Dark 3 Ecstatica
Crime Patrol Phantasmagoria Growl Urban Runner
Noir Evil Zone Shadow of Destiny Shadow of the Comet
Galerians Space Adventure Cobra: The Shooting Hopkins FBI

Jack Orlando, Snow Job, Mystery of the Druids, D, Overblood